Frequently Asked Questions by Vendors:

1. When is the deadline for paying the deposit for next year’s festival?
We require the deposit to be paid by the last Sunday of the current festival.

2. I need packages delivered to me at the festival – what address do I use?
The address to be used depends on the carrier:

UPS has 2 different addresses, depending on which row you are located
Rows A – I                                 Rows AA – GG
Jim’s Parking                             Jim’s Parking
Personal Name                          Personal Name
Booth #                                      Booth #
6500 S Martin                            6501 S Martin
Carbon, IN 47837                      Carbon, IN 47837

Jim’s Parking at Mansfield
Personal Name
Spot #
Carbon, IN 47837

Regular US mail and trucking companies:
Jim’s Parking
Personal Name
Booth #
6560 S Martin Rd
Carbon, IN 47837

3. I need a landline telephone line, how do I get one?
If you want to order land line service to process credit cards, call AT&T (800) 321-2000 or email Mike
Retzlaff at mr284m@att.com. Most people prefer the email optionIf you call, you will be required to give your phone number. If you had a number last year, use that number. If this is your first year to get a phone line here, tell them you don't have a number and they will ask for the zip code for the location you need a line. That is 47837. Then you should be connected with a representative.

The information you need to provide AT&T includes the following:

  •  Physical address - 6560 South Martin Road, Carbon, IN 47837
  •  Spot number
  •  Last year's telephone number if you want to use the same number
  •  Billing Name and Address
  •  Contact person name and number
  •  Date you want it working and date you want it disconnected
  •  Federal Tax ID number
  •  Email address

  • Once you place your order, you will receive confirmation from AT&T via email or a phone call if you don't have email. If you have had a line in previous years, you will more than likely be able to keep the same number. Otherwise, they will tell you your new number when you set up the line. They will have the phone working starting the day you choose. Orders for phone service can be placed anytime throughout the year. But, to be sure you get your phone line in time for the festival, your order should be completed a minimum of 5 days prior to the festival. Once your line is set up, the tech will label your line with your phone number. There is no set-up fee and the charge for the phone is prorated based on the number of days you use the phone line. Usually an unlimited local line runs about $30/month.

    4. What are the required permits/licenses I need to get as a vendor?

    Transient Merchant License
    Parke County requires all vendors to have a
     Transient Merchant License
    (TML).  The fee for the license is $100, plus a $20 processing fee. Please see the above link for the form and for information on exceptions for handmade items. If you have further questions about the TML license, you can contact Jessica Lancaster, TML coordinator from the Parke County Auditor's Office, at (765) 569-3422. Be aware that the deadline to get the license is September 30. After that date, Parke County charges an additional late fee of $50. TML applications received on or before September 30 will be mailed to you. TML applications received after September 30 will be held for pickup at the Parke County booth at Mansfield or at the auditor's office at the courthouse in Rockville.

    Retail Merchant Certificate
    The Indiana Department of Revenue requires all vendors to obtain a Retail Merchant Certificate. You have to file a business application online. The forms you need to file are located on their
    website. Once you have completed the online process, they usually contact you within 48 hours. There is a one-time registration fee of $25 and the license will automatically renew every two years. You are required to have the license with you at the festival. If you need to contact a representative, you can call 317-233-4015 and go through the menu options to find out more about the sales tax.

    I am a food vendor, are there extra licenses I need?
    The Parke County Health Department requires all food vendors to have a Temporary Food Permit. The permit and a checklist are available at the below links for your convenience.

    Temporary Food Permit Application
    Temporary Food Permit Checklist

    If you have questions, you can contact Liddy Dowd-Wright of the Parke County Health Department at (765) 569-4071.

    Take note that applications must be received by the health department at least 15 days prior to the festival. Applications received 14 days or less prior to the festival will be charged a $100 late fee.

    Some points from the Parke County Health Department are included below for easy reference:

    • If the application is complete and correct, then the permit is mailed back to the food vendor.
    • If the application is incomplete or payment is incorrect, then the health department mails a letter to the vendor that states specifically what they need to process the application.
    • If the application is sent within two weeks of an event, the food vendor must pay the late fee of $100.
    • If the application is sent within a time frame that the health department thinks is not reasonable to return the permit document in the mail, then they call them and let them know their permit will be held at their office for them to pick up.
    • The health department does not deliver permits to vendors.
    • The health department does not issue permits to vendors while conducting inspections.  All business transactions must take place in the office.
    • Once the festival starts, the health department expects all food vendors to have their permits.


    6. I want a spot in the big yellow tent, who do I contact?
    Jim's Parking leases all of the space for the big tent to Todd Payne. If you want to lease a spot in the tent, please contact Todd at 270-792-7169. He provides a spot and the electricity at the spot for you. Parking/trailer/RV passes or camping spots are available at the office for Jim's Parking. You will pay Jim's Parking for those items. Please refer to the price list for the costs of the services provided by us.

    I have an RV and will need to get my tanks pumped. How do I handle that?
    Scott Septic & Portables comes every night after 5:30 to pump any tanks that need it. We have flags at the office that you will place in front of your camper to let them know you need their service. You will need to be there and pay them when they do it. They can be reached at 765-942-2086 if you have any further questions or have an emergency during the festival. If a vendor wishes to rent a portable toilet at their spot, contact Scott Septic directly. 

    Contact info for Scott Septic & Portables, Inc:
    Scott Septic & Portables, Inc.
    P.O. Box 127
    Ladoga, IN 47954
    email: scottportables@yahoo.com
    website: www.scottsepticandportables.com

    How do I locate my vendor spot?
    There are metal tags on the ground marking the vendor spots, spaced approximately ten feet apart. As an example, your number for a 20 foot spot could be A4 to A6. Your tent
    would go between the tags A4 and A6.  Please refer to the
    zoomable site map to see the location of your spot. We also request all vendors to come by the office before setting up so we can get you to the correct spot.

    All the above information was compiled to assist our vendors. Although every effort was made to provide accurate information, its accuracy is not guaranteed. All prices referenced are for the 2016 festival and are subject to change.

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