Vendor Rules

1.  Before any setup is done on your site, all vendors and tent companies must check in at the office.

2.  All products sold must be listed on contract.  If not listed, we reserve the right to have you remove the product from the selling area.  We try to separate vendors with similar items.  However, it is not always possible to do so.  Therefore, we do not guarantee the separation of vendors with similar items.

3.  Any vendors that leave trash behind at the end of the festival will not be allowed back.   All vendors must pick up papers or trash in front of their booth during festival hours and at the close of each day.  All trash must be placed in plastic bags and all boxes must be broken down and placed in the dumpster every night.  Trash barrels are for customers only (not vendors).

4.  Hours of operation are from 8AM to 6PM and all vendors must be open during that time.  Vendors not open during the hours of operation or leaving before the conclusion of the festival will not be allowed back.  No vehicles will be allowed on the streets or walkways during the hours of operation.

5.  The Indiana Fire code requires all vendors to have a fire extinguisher in the booth.  No open fires are allowed on the property.

6.  All vendors must stay within the limits of their booth at all times.  Expanding your spot onto vacant neighboring spots is not allowed.  This includes parking your vehicle or trailer on vacant spots.

7.  Sub-letting of booths is not allowed.  Vendors determined to be sub-letting will not be allowed back.

8.  All food vendors must put their grease in the proper grease container. 

9.  For booths with vehicles or trailers of any kind, setup must be done the Tuesday prior to the beginning of the festival.  For all others, setup is Wednesday and Thursday before the festival.  Any vehicle on your spot must stay there for the duration of the festival.

10.  Shouting, microphones or loud music are not allowed.  No noise should be heard coming from your booth.  No generators are allowed from 6AM to 6PM.

11.  This is a family oriented festival.  Items that could potentially be used for drugs or are potentially related to drugs in any way are not allowed.  This includes item such as pipes, bongs, clips and any images that could potentially be construed as drug related.  This rule is enforced regardless of what is written on your vendor contract.  If you have question, ask ahead of time.  No exceptions are allowed.

12.  Unless specifically listed on your contract, food products or drinks such as water are not allowed to be sold.

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