Jim's Parking and Vendors
Mansfield, IN

Welcome to Jim’s Parking and Vendors, located right next to the covered bridge in historic Mansfield in Parke County, Indiana.

Each Bridge Festival, we have approximately 1100 vendor spots and many thousands of shoppers.  Our vendors offer a variety of wares such as handmade wood furniture, home decorative items, clothing, accessories, and food items. 

Jim’s Parking and Vendors offers our vendors such amenities as on-site showers, camping areas, and electricity.  Our shoppers enjoy the paved walkways to the vendor booths, convenient parking, and a permanent bathroom facility, as well as portable restrooms.

Jim's Parking is home to the famous BIG TENT (over 500ft long!)

We’ve been working hard at Jim’s to provide our vendors and shoppers with new services and have recently introduced three new services:

  1. We now offer scooters for the disabled immediately adjacent to our biggest parking area.  Call Randy's Mobility Rental at 407-492-2321 for more information.
    2. We offer a $100 referral for any new vendor.  Just let management know before the first day of the show.

    3. WE always set trailers for free in rented spots!


Please browse our site and see what else we have to offer.  If we can help in any way, contact us by phone (270-792-7169) or send us an email (todztoyzbg@yahoo.com).  We look forward to hearing from you.



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